Drive safely this winter season with the proper wiper blades

If you have been driving in the snow a lot, you may have noticed that your windshield wipers are much better at keeping your windshield clear of rain. Regular windshield wiper blades struggle when it comes to keeping your windshield clear of snow and ice. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to this problem.

r blades. If you need a set, we would love to help you find the best ones for your vehicle.
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Tips on Safe Driving for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holiday season is here again, and for a lot of people, it means traveling. As the roads become even busier, drivers need to be extra careful to ensure there are least reports of accidents. Below are some critical tips to help you stay safe throughout the holiday season.
• The first thing is to ensure the car is in top condition. Visit a service center and have everything from the engine to the state of the tires examined.
• Begin the journey early. During the holiday season roads are usually busy, and commencing your journey late may land you in unpredicted…
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Meaning of Dashboard Warning Lights

When most people see warning lights on their dashboards, the first thing they do is panic. They automatically jump to the worst-case scenario. Knowing what the different lights mean can help ease your mind and give you an idea of what's going on. Here is the meaning of some of the most common warning lights!
  • Brake System/Brake Fluid- When this light comes on it means that either your vehicle is low on brake fluid or there is something wrong with the braking system
  • Check Engine Light- When this light comes on it means something is going on with…
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3 Safety Precautions to Take When Driving in October

October is a rare month, so Ray Bradbury insisted in a characteristically poetic paragraph.

"And if it’s around October twentieth and everything smoky-smelling and the sky orange and ash gray at twilight, it seems Halloween will never come in a fall of broomsticks and a soft flap of bedsheets around corners."

Or perhaps, as Robert Frost wrote, "Nothing gold can stay."

There's something about this particular...

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How to Protect Your Mercedes-Benz From Halloween Pranks

Halloween is a fun holiday for kids of all ages. Whether you love putting together stunning costumes, you're a horror fan, or you just like candy, October 31st has something for everyone. There is a dark side to the festivities, however.

Some people believe Halloween (or the night before Halloween) is a time for pranks... and by "pranks," we mean vandalism. How can Mercedes-Benz owners in Hampton protect their vehicles from mischief?

1. Park somewhere safe.
​If you have an indoor garage, use it. Parking in a driveway off the street may make your car a more difficult target…

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You Should Know These 5 Things About the AMG E 43

  1. V6 Biturbo Engine Producing 396 Horsepower
  2. 9G-Tronic Transmission
  3. AMG Performance 4MATIC
  4. AMG Sport Suspension
  5. Dynamic Select

A staple of the racing heritage of the Mercedes-Benz the AMG brand has brought power to the people continually over the years. With the AMG E 43 we have a sport sedan that goes beyond the pure standards of performance and brings a fully equipped driving experience with high-tech features.

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A 7-Passenger SUV Like No Other the AMG GLS 6S3

Feel the Power

Peak under the hood of the AMG GLS 6S3 you will find a turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 engine that delivers 577 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. With such a powerful and large vehicle Mercedes-Benz pairs the engine with AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive and AIRMATIC AMG Sport Suspension.

Smarter Than Ever

When it comes to the AMG GLS 6S3 there is no sacrificing comfort and technology for increased performance. An advanced suite of safety technologies including the Radar-based Active Brake Assist system that provides protection from collisions.

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